40yd Dumpster and a Jeep


An empty dumpster weighs between 3,500 lbs. (10 yard dumpster) and 6,500 lbs. (40 yard dumpster). The weight of the dumpster itself does not affect pricing.


How much can a 40 yard dumpster hold? A 40 yard dumpster typically includes a 5-6 ton, or 10,000-12,000 pound, weight limit, though weight limits vary by location and type of disposed material. This size can hold the equivalent of 230-250 33-gallon trash bags of debris.


How big is a 40 yard dumpster? A 40 yard dumpster is our largest container and is typically 22 feet long, 7.5 feet wide and 8 feet tall. The exact dimensions can vary. Yes, a automobile can fit in a forty yard dumpster too.

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