Dumpster Container Covers

Dumpster Container Covers

At American Made Dumpsters, we not only provide quality containers for all of your jobs, but we're also a proud reseller of innovative covers from TBI Waste Products to keep your materials protected. Whether you're looking for container covers or roll-off tarp covers, our products are designed to secure and protect the contents of your roll-off containers.

Container covers protect contents from rain, snow, and other elements and prevent debris from flying out during transport, reducing the risk of road hazards. Our container covers cut back on theft or dumping of unwanted materials, take the edge off of unpleasant smells, and prevent pests like rodents and birds from accessing the contents. What's more, covered roll-off containers present a neater and more professional appearance, especially in urban or residential settings.

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EVO Storm-Top Cover

Roll-off cover with permanent mount that opens to both sides of the container.

Standard Storm-Top Cover

Standard roll-off cover with permanent mount.

Quick Cover Roll-On Tarp Cover

Roll-up tarp style for roll-off containers.

Roll-On Tarp Mounting Kit

Hand operated fork lift for mounting and removal of Quick Covers roll-on tarps.