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36 Inch Hook Dumpsters For Sale - American Made Dumpsters
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Hooklift Dumpsters – Factory Direct

American Made Dumpsters builds Dumpsters that fit the Stellar Industries line of hydraulic #Hooklift hoists in North America. With both articulating tilt and sliding jib hooklifts, AMD offers numerous models of dumpsters covering a wide range of capacities and body sizes for all the popular Dumpster Franchises. We offer Cable, 36inch, 54inch and 62inch lift style dumpsters!

When it comes to American Made Dumpsters, the simplicity of design and operation are top priorities. With a single truck, an operator can load, unload, or change bodies without leaving the truck cab. http://Junk King http://JDog Dumpsters http://1-800 Got Junk

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