Reliable commercial trash compactors to improve waste efficiency & landfill diversion. Keeping American people employed, one compactor at a time!

The American Made Self Contained Compactors are available in many standard sizes that can also be configured to meet your specific needs. By choosing from a large selection of standard options (such as various hopper styles, multi-cycle timers, remote stations and many others) you can tailor a compactor for your circumstances.

Our Self Contained Compactors are built for applications that require storage and removal of wet waste. Outdoor compactors such as these can help prevent contamination of work areas as well as public areas. Like other compactors, the benefits of Self Contained Compactors are numerous. Unlike Stationary Compactors, the Self Contained Compactor is designed so that the compactor is attached to the container and the entire machine is hauled to the disposal site. In addition to substantially reducing labor and collection costs, the compactors can also help discourage scavengers, reduce insect and rodent problems, control odor, reduce fire hazards, prevent overflowing dumpsters and much more. Call and order your today!

When trying to decide on the best alternative for a Self Contained Compactor, below is a basic checklist for both Standard specifications and features to consider as well as Options:

Self Contained Compactors Standard Specification Considerations:

  • Charge Box Capacity
  • Clear Top Opening
  • Cycle Time
  • Total Force (Normal & Maximum)
  • Total Face Pressure (Normal & Maximum)
  • Operating Pressure (Normal & Maximum)
  • Ram Penetration
  • Motor Size
  • Cylinder Bore Size, Cylinder Rod Size and Stroke
  • Construction of the Floor, Sides, Breaker Bar, Ram Face, Ram Top, Sides and Bottom

Self Contained Compactors Standard Features to consider:

  • Safety Standards such as ANSI AND OSHA
  • NEMA 4 rated pushbutton controls
  • Key Operated controls
  • Key lockable start switch
  • Ease of adapting chute hoppers, ground feed hoppers and other special requirements.
  • Ease of loading from either ground or dock level
  • Ease of installation
  • Factory Testing to assure leak-proof construction

Self Contained Compactors Typical Options to consider:

  • Different Motor Voltages (such as 575 volt) and Larger HP Motors
  • 3-Sided Hoppers (Rear and Side Feed)
  • 3-Sided Hoppers with a Gate
  • 4-Sided Hoppers
  • Enclosed Hoppers with Cellar Style Rear Doors
  • Doghouse with a Door
  • Doghouse enclosed for a chute
  • Dock Level Hopper – Side Load
  • Dock Level Hopper – Rear Load
  • Security Door
  • Remote Controls
  • Advance Warning Lights
  • Container Full Lights
  • Auto Timer Start with Shutdown
  • Multi Cycle Timer
  • Additional Controls Station
  • Photo Eye Start
  • Oil Heater
  • Low / Hi Temp Shutdown
  • Odor Control
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Jog Control
  • Breaker Bar Teeth
  • Container Guides
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