Comparing Horizon and MaxxD Roll-Off Trailers

Horizon Roll-Off Trailers:
Horizon offers robust roll-off trailers like the HRD and RDZ models, which are engineered for versatile and heavy-duty hauling. These trailers come with options for bumper pull or gooseneck configurations, with lengths varying from 14′ to 44′. Key features include a 40,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for the highest capacity models, advanced hydraulic systems for efficient operations, and various axle configurations to support substantial payloads. The HRD model, for example, can handle GVWRs ranging from 21,000 lbs to 22,400 lbs, featuring dual 10k axles for superior performance​ (Horizon Trailers)​​​.

MaxxD Roll-Off Trailers:
The MaxxD ROX 14k Roll-Off Dump Trailer is specifically designed to cater to the dump trailer segment with a 14,000 lbs GVWR. It offers a similar level of durability and functionality with its robust design, featuring a standard gooseneck configuration, and is equipped with a 15k Warrior winch for effective operations.

Compatibility with American Made Dumpsters:
Both Horizon and MaxxD Roll-Off Trailers are compatible with heavy-duty dumpsters provided by American Made Dumpsters. These dumpsters are built to accommodate the dimensions and weight capacities of both trailer brands, ensuring a seamless fit and function.

American Made Dumpsters:
American Made Dumpsters offers a wide range of dumpster solutions that are compatible with both Horizon and MaxxD trailers. With a nationwide dealer network, American Made Dumpsters ensures timely and cost-effective delivery of roll-off dumpsters across various locations, making them a reliable choice for businesses requiring efficient waste management solutions.

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