Dark Gray Dumpsters For Sale


Are you in the market for a waste container manufacturer? Are you looking for quick turnaround and a product that exceeds expectations? The hardworking team at AMD is here to help! Here are 3 important things to keep in mind when choosing a waste container manufacturer.

  1. Hit the ground running
    • Here at American Made Dumpster we know the importance of quick turnaround times. We also know the importance of not sacrificing on waste container quality. That’s why we have a variety of waste containers in stock. We have an assortment of colors and sizes on the ground waiting to be put to work by you.
  2. A smaller investment for a greater profit  
    • AMD manufactures waste containers that are affordable and durable, making this a small investment for your small or large business. Just as important as a short-turn around is the potential to maximize your profit. Waste containers are a great way to do this and you will begin to reap the rewards as soon as you receive them.
  3. Designed to fit your truck 
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When choosing a waste/refuse container manufacturer, you want to make sure that it is designed to fit your truck. While we offer in-stock waste containers in a variety of sizes, we also offer custom sizing to ensure you are getting just the right fit. From sales, to engineering, to production, we are dedicated to producing waste containers that fit your truck, your business, and all your needs.
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