Dead Lift Style Dumpsters


Deadlift (HH) cable hoists Dumpsters were designed to work in low clearance areas. They work with specific
containers that feature front vertical rails to help guide them onto the hoist when lifted up to the
hoist tail assembly. A “Deadlift” hoist, like its name suggests, picks up containers without the need
to engage the hoist rails from the ground but rather raises them up off the ground and onto the
hoist rails. Due to the nature of the deadlift containers, these hoist models also feature a slightly
more narrow main frame that is set to 35” O.D. and use an inside rail container hold down. These
style of hoists can come in the HH short fixed tail or in an EH model that has 80” of extendable tail.


Our custom built Dead Lift Dumpsters work with Rear Tail Roller Assembly Consists of
an 8” ‘V’ Grooved Center Rear Roller w/
Flanged Side Rollers & Cable End Holder.


Customized engineering layouts ensure the best fit for each
• Engineered and manufactured in the US. #AmericanMadeDumpster

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