Dumpster Replacement Parts – Plastic Lid Hinges to Keep Your Commercial Dumpsters in Service

American Made Dumpsters are built to last. While we are confident our dumpsters will stand the test of time, routine maintenance is essential to ensuring container longevity.  Parts that see large amounts of repetitive use or friction can break down from normal wear and tear. If you have parts that are worn down or have been damaged, American Made Dumpsters can provide the replacement parts you need to get your container back in service as soon as possible.

Whether it is a larger part like a steel door or a smaller part like a caster, we have you covered with a variety of replacement dumpster container parts, dumpster lids, and container parts. 

Each month we will be highlighting a replacement part along with the part numbers and options available. This month we are featuring replacement Plastic Lid Hinges for your front load dumpsters.

*For a full list of our available replacement parts, visit our dumpster parts page.

Plastic Lid Hinges

The plastic lid hinge is a front load dumpster part that comes in two different types: a flat hinge and a tapered hinge. Below you can find the two options with part numbers, sizes and descriptions. Contact us for pricing or to place an order for a plastic lid hinge.

Plastic Lid Hinges (Flat)

  • Part Number: AMD LID EAR F
  • Description: Lid hinge w/ flat end: 6, 8yd. for front load dumpsters

Plastic Lid Hinges (Tapered)

  • Part Number: AMD LID EAR T
  • Description: Lid hinges w/ tapered end: for 6, 8 yard Notch back and Slant, 4 yard Notchback, and 2 Yard front load dumpsters

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American Made Dumpsters products are designed for strength and durability by professional engineers. Every product design is stress tested to ensure the highest quality and longest product lifetime. All American Made Dumpsters waste containers meet or exceed ANSI standards.

From doors and hinges to lids and casters and everything in between, American Made Dumpsters have a variety of parts to repair your rolls off and commercial dumpsters. Contact us today for your dumpster replacement parts.

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