New Dumpster Buy Back Program

Dumpster Buy Back

Have you recently replaced your roll off dumpsters? Do you have commercial dumpsters you no longer use? Did you upgrade your compactor to a newer, higher capacity model?

We want to buy your old dumpsters and compactors.

Tell us what sizes, types and quantity of dumpsters, recycle containers or compactors you want to sell. One of our buy back service pros will reach out to you with a few follow up questions. When you accept our offer, we will dispatch a team to collect your unwanted waste collection bins and deliver your payment.

We accept a variety of dumpsters and compactors through our buy back program. Some examples of the waste containers we accept include self-contained compactors, break away compactors, bath tub style dumpsters, plastic dumpsters, front load business dumpsters, hook lift style dumpsters, roll trailer style dumpsters and rectangular roll off dumpsters. If you do not see your dumpster or compactor listed, let us know what size, style or brand of dumpster you have and our buy back team will do their best to make you a fair offer.

For more information, visit American Made Dumpsters now or contact us to request a quote.

Dumpster Buy Back Program

Committed to the Environment

When you sell your old dumpsters and compactors to American Made Dumpsters, you are making the eco-friendly choice. Every time we buy back a dumpster or compactor, we thoroughly examine the unit. Based on its condition, we determine the best way to reuse, repurpose or rebrand the container. In cases where we are salvaging part, we carefully recycle any unused materials to minimizer the impact on the environment.

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