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Purchase a new Front Load Business Dumpster

Our Front-Load containers come in various dimensions to fit your exact needs. Casters add an additional  8″ to the overall height of the container. Please note these outside dimensions may differ slightly due to manufacturing variances. CAPACITY IN CUBIC YARDSLENGTHWIDTHHEIGHT2-yard36″72″40.25″4-yard (top loading)54″72″48.5″4-yard (apartment)42″72″60.75″6-yard (low top & end loading)66″72″60″6-yard (high top & end loading)54″72″72.5″8-yard (top & … Read more

Save on 6 Yard Rear Load Dumpsters

CAPACITY IN CUBIC YARDS LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT 1-yard 27″ 78.625″ 46.5″ 1 1/2-yard 39.5″ 78.625″ 46.5″ 2-yard 43.5″ 78.625″ 49″ 4-yard 90″ 78.625″ 49″ 6-yard 126″ 78.625″ 49″ 8-yard 150″ 78.625″ 49″ 10-yard 174″ 78.625″ 49″ CAPACITY IN CUBIC YARDS LENGTH WIDTH COVERS 1-yard 62″ 31″ 1 1 1/2-yard 62″ 39″ 1 2-yard 62″ 44″ … Read more

62 Inch Hook Lift Dumpsters - American Made Dumpsters

62 Inch Hook Dumpsters For Sale

American Made Dumpsters offers a wide variety of products in all shapes and sizes. We even offer dumpsters specially built for compatibility with trailers from other manufacturers. We Custom Build 62 Inch Hook Dumpsters We custom build 62″ Hook dumpsters. Expand your fleet of dumpsters, recycle bins, compactors and waste containers with high quality products … Read more

We Offer Ramp Roll-off Dumpsters

A Ramp Rolloff dumpster has multiple uses and is ideal for: Construction and Demolition ContractorsWaste and RecyclingSolid WasteHeavy Equipment Transport

Patented Roll Off Dumpster Boot

This locking system protects your assets! Designed to fit standard roll-off off containers. How can I protect my dumpster? 7 Tips to Protect Your Roll Off Container Light it Up. Place your dumpster in a well-lit area, either near existing streetlamps or with temporary lighting. Cover the Bin. Place a tarp over your container when … Read more

Dumpster Replacement Parts – Latch Post Assemblies to Keep Your Roll Off Dumpsters in Service

American Made Dumpsters are built to last. While we are confident our dumpsters will stand the test of time, routine maintenance is essential to ensuring container longevity.  Parts that see large amounts of repetitive use or friction can break down from normal wear and tear. If you have parts that are worn down or have … Read more

Rolloff Flatbeds for Nedland Trailers

Container Trailer roll-off flat bed trailers are strong, durable & able to carry large cargo. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, contact us for more information.

Side Door 8 Yard Commercial Dumpsters For Sale

8 Yard Business Dumpsters For Sale

An 8 cubic yard container holds 1,600 pounds of garbage, which equates to 8 cubic yards. Our bundled price includes disposal costs up to this limit.

Slant Back 4 yard Dumpsters For Sale

How much does a 4 yard slant back dumpster weigh?A 4 yard dumpster approximately weights 1,500 lbs empty with no waste material inside. But it doesn’t matter how much the dumpster weighs, just the weight of the material in it.