Ramp Style Dumpsters For Sale

Ramp Container is an innovative industrial container featuring integrated front and rear ramps designed for versatile and efficient operations. Their patented container ramp systems have been engineered to accommodate the most demanding job site applications.

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Innovation through simplicity has been their focus since day one. Ramp Container’s easy to open and close ramp door is an ideal solution for every job site. Whether the operator is loading or unloading, their patented integrated ramps are designed with your safety in mind.

Roll-Off with a Built-In Front or Rear Ramp Door

A Ramp Container offers a safer way to load and unload roll off containers. No need to throw material over the side. Bulk bags of non-hazardous or hazardous materials will not split open from being thrown. The Ramp Container patented ramp system features front ramps rated to 20,000 lbs and rear ramps rated to 15,000 lbs allowing you to maximize the use of your containers.

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Ramp Container is an easy to use, strong roll-off container with front or rear built-in ramp doors allowing equipment or materials to be driven in or out. The versatility of the Ramp Container allows for greater job efficiencies which translates to time and cost savings. Their front and rear ramp containers have been developed and designed to save money and resources, while being safer and easier to operate than traditional roll off containers.

Discover the Benefits of a Ramp Container

  • Safer and easier to use
  • Multi-purpose container
  • Increased usage opportunities for haulers
  • Job cost savings for contractors
  • Increased rental income
  • Less damage to container
  • And more!

See the Newest Heavy Duty Ramp Container Model

This new HD model is perfect for heavier duty applications when you need even more strength without compromising on ease of use. This model features a one side door operation.

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Innovation, Versatility, Convenience

With your choice of an integrated front or rear ramp configuration, Ramp Container is perfect for every job in any industry. They offer commercial, residential and industrial uses and can be found in quarries, subdivisions and everywhere in between.

Ramp Container is Ideal For:

  • Waste haulers
  • Contractors
  • Dumpster rental companies
  • Municipalities
  • Bulk material suppliers
  • Homeowners

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Ramp Container can save you money, increase job-site efficiency, increase longevity of your containers and increase the value of your rental units. Upgrade your business with Ramp Container today! Call (855) 420-2913 or text (904) 305-7534 to get started.

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