Dumpster Repaid and Rebranding Services

Do your roll off dumpsters need repairs and a fresh coat of paint? Did you acquire waste containers from another company that need to have your branding applied? Would you like to have your company name and contact information more clearly displayed on your commercial dumpsters?

Refresh and Repair Your Dumpsters Today

We stretch your budget farther by repairing and refurbishing instead of replacing your damaged dumpsters. Whether you need rust damage remedied or new bottom plates installed, our team of welders and repair technicians is ready to help.

American Made Dumpsters offers convenient repairs and rebranding services for roll off dumpsters, compactors, commercial dumpsters and more. Our team will  refresh your dumpsters with a thorough cleaning, fresh coat of paint and updated branding or signage. Our highly skilled fabricators are also standing by to make any repairs needed for your equipment to function properly and look its absolute best.

When we are done, you will have a fleet of uniform dumpsters that reflect your company’s professionalism and commitment to high quality service. Request a repair quote today.

For more information, visit American Made Dumpsters now or contact us to request a quote.

Multiple Service Locations

We provide repair and rebranding services at multiple facilities throughout Florida and Georgia. Our facilities are strategically located to allow easy access to railways and ports for fast and easy shipping. Whether you are local, across the country or in the southern-most part of South America, we are here for you. Request a quote today to speak with our service team about our affordable shipping options.

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