Sanitation Products

Sanitation Products


  • Made with high-density grade 4 polyethylene
  • Stainless steal metal fixtures
  • Anti-UV treatment for extended product life
  • Super-smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy build and durable design
  • Flexible integrated and freestanding assembly options
Sanitation Products

Standard Specs:

TANK CAPACITY 12.7 gal, 48 L 13.2 gal, 50 L NA
EXTERNAL LENGTH 19.3" 24.4" 43"
EXTERNAL DEPTH 9.1" 16.5" 47.2"
EXTERNAL HEIGHT 41.7" 49.2" 90"
Sink for Portable Toilets

Built In Sink

Built in portable toilet sinks provide a convenient handwash station that is protected from the weather. The slim profile and easy to install design includes a foot pump, allowing units to be used at any location without requiring access to electrical outlets for water flow. Each built in sanitation station provides approximately 230 uses before needing a refill.

These porta-potty sinks are available as upgrades for American Made Dumpster portable toilet units.

Freestanding handwash stations

Hand Wash Station

Freestanding handwash stations can be configured to stand individually or or doubled to accommodate two people at a time. The built in tank capacity provides for approximately 280 uses without refilling. Convenient foot-pump operation allows handwash stations to be placed anywhere and do not require power for water flow. The highly portable design includes build in handles on both sides for easier transportation.

Freestanding handwash stations are weather resistant and ideal for parks, zoos, outdoor events, schools, construction sites, festivals, outdoor testing and vaccine locations, any anywhere plumbing and piped water may not be readily available.

Portable Shower

Portable Shower

Portable showers provide a spacious, private facility for washing at outdoor gatherings, agriculture and construction sites, temporary housing facilities and festivals. The easy to use hook up connects to your water supply and sewages system. The smooth surfaces and anti-slip floor allow for easy maintenance and safe use.

Every portable shower includes locking doors, stainless steel fixtures and a built in hook to hold clothing or  small bag.