This is what a 6yd Rearload Dumpster Looks Like

A 6-yard rear-load dumpster is a type of waste container commonly used for commercial and industrial purposes. Here is a description of what it typically looks like:

Size: A 6-yard dumpster is relatively small compared to larger dumpster sizes. It measures approximately 6 feet in length, 5 feet in width, and 6 feet in height. These dimensions can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and specific design.

Construction: These dumpsters are typically constructed from durable materials such as steel or metal to withstand the rigors of waste disposal. The walls of the dumpster are often solid and sturdy to contain the waste securely.

Rear-Load Design: As the name suggests, this type of dumpster is designed to be loaded from the rear. It has a hinged door or lid at the back end, which can be opened for depositing waste. The rear-load design allows for easier access when placing waste inside the dumpster.

Wheels: Many 6-yard rear-load dumpsters are equipped with wheels at the base, making them mobile and easier to move around when necessary. These wheels may be fixed or swivel, depending on the design.

Color: The color of the dumpster can vary, but it is often a neutral color like gray, green, or blue. Some dumpsters may also have labels or markings indicating their intended use, such as “waste,” “recycling,” or the name of the waste management company.

Capacity: A 6-yard dumpster can hold approximately 6 cubic yards of waste, which is equivalent to about 72 cubic feet or roughly the size of two standard parking spaces filled to a depth of 3 feet with waste.

Lid or Cover: The rear-load dumpster usually has a lid or cover that can be closed to prevent unauthorized access and to keep the waste contained and protected from the elements.

Overall, a 6-yard rear-load dumpster is a moderately sized waste container designed for smaller-scale commercial and industrial waste disposal needs. It offers a convenient and secure way to manage waste on a commercial property while remaining manageable in size for placement and transportation.

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